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Read about Kronokare quality standards

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Read about Kronokare quality standards. Ingredients we ban and ingredients we use. Kronokare cares for your skin!







No Sulphate, No Mineral Oil, No Silicone, No Paraben

Unfortunately, most of the cosmetic products come loaded with these unnatural and cheap ingredients.

Kronokare believes we need to burst this bubble because it comes at a deadly cost. Long-term users of products containing parabens, sulphates, silicones or mineral oil report skin damage and long-term health risks that begin with mild skin and eye irritation.

Kronokare is the testimony to that no compromise should be done on resultsin the pursue of using natural ingredients.

Formulated with honest ingredients, Kronokare offers a Nature oriented alternative to the traditional cosmetics.



Natural Botanical Extracts And Precious Oils

We focus on retaining the original qualities extracted from the flora around us and concentrate on bringing out precious oils, nutritive ingredients, pure botanical extracts and real Essential Oils.

Kronokare also believes in high concentration of active ingredients in order to make the products works fast and deliver a result both immediate and long lasting.

It’s quite simple, really: because we work with the natural world around us, our products naturally work.







We try to see also outside the box!

In our modern world, we cannot deny that consumerism involve a form of social responsibility. It is probably also the strongest way to express ourselves.

We believe that a better world starts at home and by simply giving better standards of life to people around us.

Kronokare goodies are made of love not of sweat!

We work with boutique manufacturers and selected vendors and together we ensure that all people involved in Kronokare products work in accordance with our social vision.

We practice what we preach. We preach good karma!



Against Animal Testing

Every one of our products is animal cruelty free and vegetarian.

Kronokare has always believed passionately that animals should not be used for cosmetic testing. We have never tested our products on animals.

Similarly, we insist that all our suppliers have not tested their ingredients on animals for cosmetic purposes.